Get Out Of Home Incorporates Real-Time Data at Advertising Week 2018 With OpenLoop

October 11, 2018
Charlotte Jones

AdWeek 2018 #GetOutOfHome campaign

#GetOutOfHome is a campaign produced by The Outdoor Association of America (OAAA) and its members, designed to promote and celebrate the thriving out-of-home (OOH) industry. Launched in connection with AdWeek 2018 (October 1-4), the overall duration of the campaign is set to run across 50,000 OOH sites in major US markets including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago!

Created by Publicis New York, the campaign features industry icons, social media influencers and creative young thinkers including, Gerry Graf, Stan Richards and Jezz Chung. The idea of the campaign is to tout the rewards of using OOH as a media amplifier, further doing this by incorporating the hashtag #GetOutOfHome to keep the conversation going.

AdWeek 2018 #GetOutOfHome campaign

The dynamic creative for the campaign, produced by Grand Visual, will include live commentary, tweets and Instagram posts which will be published directly to digital screens. In order to achieve this, the campaign will be managed and delivered with our distribution platform, OpenLoop. The real-time campaign management has already helped to deliver the live commentary and social media posts from AdWeek (including our own tweets!) across multiple digital screens – showcasing OOH’s flexibility and relevance.

AdWeek 2018 #GetOutOfHome campaign

Speaking of OpenLoop’s involvement with the campaign, Ben Putland, MD of QDOT said,

“The technology and ad tech systems are now in place to make the delivery of real-time creative across multiple digital OOH networks seamless. Flexible, contextual messages complement the broader static campaign whilst responding to social triggers and encouraging people to participate online.”