Case Study – Google Assistant

Make Google Do It

With a UK-wide digital OOH push, Google extended its ‘Make Google Do It’ campaign, demonstrating how Google Assistant can help with a variety of everyday tasks.


The ‘Make Google Do It’ digital OOH creative used two creative threads. The first ran across London and highlighted the versatility of Google Assistant, demonstrating its ability to,

“Play it. Skip it. Time it. Dial it. Forecast it. Remember it. Schedule it. Prep it. Do it.”

The second creative thread demonstrated Google Assistant’s ability to help with everyday tasks in a Q&A style activation at Old Street Roundabout. Copy was linked to time, day, location and major cultural events such as the World Cup, Wimbledon and Pride London. The campaign’s integration with OpenLoop pulled in local and contextual information such as “Feeling hungry Old Street” or “Can’t find the mythical Shoreditch cash points?” to highlight Google Assistant’s ability to provide location-based relevance.


The digital OOH campaign was deployed across multiple formats throughout the UK and ran from the 8th June to 3rd August 2018.