Case Study – Google Play Music

Google Play Music


Google Play Music wanted to launch an innovative multi-market Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaign to replicate the music app’s ability to suggest the perfect soundtracks based on the consumer’s mind-set in that moment.


This campaign used multiple data sets including real-time traffic data from Google Map’s API and a weather feed. OpenLoop, the DOOH campaign management platform, analyzed the data and delivered the correct geo-targeted content to all screens in real-time.


“Successful Digital Out-of-Home advertising campaigns start with a deep knowledge of consumer mind-set and location relevance. This campaign is unique because it intercepts active consumers with highly targeted messages as they move through their day. The multiple data feeds help to tailor the creative and capture the attention of passers-by, on a scale that hasn’t been done before.”

-Ryan Laul, President, Outdoor Media Group