Case Study – Google

Pixel 2

Google wanted to launch a tactical, data-driven digital OOH campaign which highlighted the 5 key features of its second-generation smartphone, Pixel 2.


Using location, audience, traffic and moment specific data, the campaign ran contextual messaging across road, transit and retail locations in a nationwide push. The campaign highlighted 5 key features of the new Google Pixel 2. Bringing each feature to life by responding to conditions at each location to trigger the most appropriate feature in that moment. The campaign also took into account traffic delatys, time of day and key dates such as Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve. 


“Using data to inform digital OOH creative keeps messages targeted and useful throughout the consumer journey. By exploiting the context effect, Google has created a compelling call to action that is aligned with the consumer mindset.”

– Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Officer at Grand Visual