Case Study – McDonald’s

Monopoly “Wiiiinning”

McDonald’s looked to promote its much loved McDonald’s Monopoly game. They wanted a dynamic data-driven campaign which could update creative and make each billboard relevant – no matter where it was, or what the conditions were.


The campaign’s revamped creative style used retro comic speech bubbles to announce “Winning feels as likely as getting caught in the rain without an umbrella” on a bad weather day, for example. The data-driven campaign tapped into date, weather and prize data in order to update creative based on the real-time conditions experienced at each billboard. A live counter revealed the number of prizes claimed, with the added call to action to “Get peeling for that winning feeling.” 


“The brand’s successful Monopoly OOH campaigns have evolved significantly to drive real consumer action and engagement using smarter digital OOH that is dynamic and contextual. This supports wider brand activity that really stands out and elevates people’s experience with McDonald’s.”

– Vicky Marshall, Client Director at Talon