Case Study – Southeastern Trains


Southeastern Trains wanted to highlight various locations you could travel to on their service, encouraging customers to book tickets in advance so as to make the most savings. The content of their dynamic digital DOOH posters was dependent on the weather at the customer’s location.


A dynamic campaign using OpenLoop, pulled live weather data from the Met Office weather API, and depending on the forecasted weather in 3 days’ time, triggered static content of one of four creative executions. For example, if a consumer was seeing the ad on a Wednesday and the forecast for London on Saturday was rain, the content of the display would be showing a creative that was linked to that weather forecast. The campaign used 4 different variants and was deployed across JCD Rail’s 45 D6 screens from 8th June.


The dynamic campaign ran for 6 weeks from 8th June to 19th July 2017 across 45 screens in train stations across London.