Case Study – Virgin Trains

Travel Time

BRIEFVirgin Trains

Develop dynamic reactive DOOH content displaying an image and the time it will take from the nearby train stations to get to four different destinations by train and by car.


The dynamic, reactive campaign ran for three weeks from September to October 2017. The screens updated dynamically according to real-time traffic and transit conditions in the location of the booked DOOH screen and the time it will take to get to one of the end locations. Created by Anomaly, produced by Grand Visual and distributed through OpenLoop, which analysed Transport API’s data and automated the information according to each poster site’s location.


“Integrating real-time data feeds into this roadside campaign produces a clear and hard-hitting message for drivers: that Virgin Trains is a quick, easy and viable alternative. During peak travel times when congestion is heavy, the five stats deliver our message in a compelling and impactful way..”

– Katie Knowles, Marketing Director at Virgin Trains