Dynamic Isn’t Just Weather & Location…

September 18, 2019
Charlotte Jones

Google Dynamic Digital OOH

You’d be forgiven if you believed that dynamic digital OOH is limited to just “weather” or “location” triggers as this is what makes up the lions’ share of dynamic campaigns. However, it isn’t and the creative possibilities of dynamic are still being underutilised. With OpenLoop, our dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) platform, we’ve worked on some huge digital OOH campaigns over the years for global brands such as Spotify, McDonald’s and Google. 

Each campaign, although uniquely different, all relied on OpenLoop to deliver the dynamic content. We’ve selected five dynamic campaigns that we believe showcase a wider range of the creative possibilities of dynamic digital OOH.

User-Generated Content – Spotify

To celebrate the end of another great year, Spotify revamped its popular campaign “Wrapped” with a dynamic, digital OOH twist! Spotify’s premium users were encouraged to sign up for a breakdown of their year in music – for the chance to appear on iconic billboards including Times Square and Piccadilly Lights. 

Spotify’s API integrated directly with OpenLoop, allowing for the data to be instantly distributed to media owners across the globe. The campaign gave over 7000 ordinary people the chance to see their wrapped playlists broadcast on digital OOH.

Social Media – Get Out of Home

The out-of-home industry’s leaders encouraged the advertising community to “Get Out of Home,” with this dynamic campaign. Showcasing digital OOH’s flexibility and relevance, the campaign creative included live commentary, tweets and Instagram posts which were published directly to digital screens. 

OpenLoop integrated with multiple social media feeds to get the #GetOutofHome content, ensuring that the campaign was up to date across 27 different media owners across 30 major US markets. 

Cybercriminals – Hiscox

In a media first, cybercriminals were unknowingly behind this unique campaign for Hiscox Cyber Live. To drive awareness of cybercrime to small businesses, the campaign creative visualised real-life cyber attacks. To harvest the data from real cybercriminals we set up three honeypot servers, of the type typically used by small businesses. OpenLoop fed the data from these servers in our digital poster network at prominent stations and roadside sites across the country. As each attack took place, it triggered a pulsing red light on the poster, which gradually built up as further attacks occurred.

A dynamic campaign that was truly unique, Cyber Live went on to win numerous awards including “Campaign of the Year” at the Campaign Media Awards 2019.

Traffic & Travel Data – jetBlue

Targeting vacationers driving to Cape Cod, jetBlue used dynamic digital OOH to encourage them to explore different vacation destinations with similar travel times. OpenLoop integrated real-time transport API’s and jetBlue’s flight schedule, to provide the comparison Cape Cod driving times to flight times for alternative destinations. 

Multiple Data Feeds – Google Multi-App

To help consumers to “make the most of Summer,” Google launched a data-driven digital OOH campaign, demonstrating how the brand could help consumers to enjoy the Summertime. The nationwide campaign showcased the brand’s search function with search queries that were popular over the Summer. 

The campaign used weather, temperature, time of day and day of week triggers to dynamically display these queries. These creative triggers were also overwritten during cultural events such as The Ashes Cricket Tournament.

We hope that we’ve inspired you to explore the creative possibilities of dynamic DOOH. If you’d like to find out more about OpenLoop and the rest of QDOT’s platforms, then please get in touch!