Google Maps Introduces A New Way To Explore

August 22, 2018
Charlotte Jones

Google Maps

Google Maps have launched a new digital OOH campaign across New York, promoting the new features now available to users of the app. By integrating Google ratings and trend data, ‘Introducing Explore’ encourages users to discover new places to eat or visit based on their current location.

The dynamic campaign, delivered by QDOT, used real-time data to evolve its messaging capability. Live data such as location, time and temperature, was integrated within OpenLoop in order to deliver contextual messages across the entire ecosystem of screens. The creative on screen was based on Google reviews and other first-party data.

Google Maps

By using a dynamic digital OOH campaign, Google’s ‘Introducing Explore’ message was totally personalised. The campaign made the public aware of the new places around them, even reminding some to consider visiting the places that they may not have been to in a while!