Google Launches Data-Driven Roadside Campaign to promote Google Pixel 2

November 7, 2017
Lisa Portman

google pixel 2 campaign

Google is launching a tactical, data-driven digital OOH campaign to promote its second-generation smartphone, Pixel 2, encouraging people to “ask more of your phone”. The nationwide campaign uses location, audience, traffic, and moment specific data, to dynamically adapt messaging and deliver contextually relevant ads across a variety of out of home environments, from the 6th November.

‘Ask more of your phone’ brings to life key features of the phone in a series of question and answers which aim to address the most common queries made about mobile phones on the popular search engine, typically relating to battery life, photo quality and storage issues, which have been an area of focus for the next generation smartphone.

On Friday evenings, for example, digital billboards in nightlife hotspots ask, “Did my nightlife just get brighter?” whilst displaying Pixel 2’s low-light camera. On London bus lines, digital, geo-targeted side panels will display messages such as “Pixel 2, now at an EE store in Hackney” will display and adjust depending on the neighborhood or particular landmark the bus is passing.

Created by BBH and produced by Grand Visual, the reactive campaign adapts and hones messages by responding to live conditions and events around each out-of-home location, triggering the most appropriate feature for the available audience. All photo imagery used in the campaign was shot on a Pixel 2 and is dynamically delivered via OpenLoop when predefined conditions are met.

The UK out of home campaign was planned and booked by Talon and OMD UK, utilising premium digital out-of-home inventory across 8 cities.

Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Officer at Grand Visual, added:

“Using data to inform digital OOH creative keeps messages targeted and useful throughout the consumer journey. By exploiting the context effect, Google has created a compelling call to action that is aligned with the consumer mindset.”