Our Creative Digital OOH Session at the 2019 IAB Nonference

November 5, 2019
Charlotte Jones

IAB Nonference Creative DOOH session

Welcome, take a seat!

After a successful session at IAB Nonference last year, we returned to the Tobacco Docks with a fresh creative brainstorm under our belts – #InstaDOOH. In collaboration with Talon and Grand Visual, our session was designed to introduce non-DOOH audiences to the medium.

We started with an introduction to the ever-expanding reach of digital OOH. With over 11,000 screens throughout the UK, digital OOH achieves a billion impacts each week.

IAB Nonference Creative Digital OOH

The “context effect”

The evolution of OOH to digital means that it’s no longer just a poster – creative can now do more. When contextually relevant digital OOH creative is used, multiple studies have proven a boost in campaign effectiveness. (Talon Context Effect, Rapport Standing on the Shoulders of Giants).

Not only this, but digital OOH has also been proven to amplify other channels, thus boosting overall effectiveness. For example, when combined with social and search, digital OOH can amplify these two channels by 20% and 54% respectively. (Talon)

IAB Nonference Creative Digital OOH

The pitfalls of demographics

We showed the audience two males who are demographically identical. Both born in 1948, they grew up in England, married twice and both have children. They’re both wealthy, like dogs, and spend their winter holidays in the Alps… We’re talking about Ozzy Osbourne and Prince Charles.

Although demographically the same, they’re not part of the same audience. This is why we define our digital OOH audiences through their behaviours. Where do they visit, both places and websites? Where do they work and what do they do? What apps have they downloaded? This information could now be applied to Grand Visual’s “audience + moment = message” creative direction.

IAB Nonference Creative Digital OOH


Kicking off the audience engagement element of the session, Grand Visual’s Creative Director Ric Albert instructed the audience to grab their phones and head to Instagram. They were tasked with finding the first in-platform advert, then analysing this ad against the audience, moment, message frame, exploring why they were targeted with this advert.

Our Nonference audience was diverse and found ads from the NHS, Glossier, Moonlight Cinema, Jet2 Holidays, Just Eat and Nested to name a few. Once our tables had selected their favourite ad, the challenge was to translate them into a powerful and contextually relevant digital OOH campaign. Could they do it?!

They certainly could, at the end of 40 minutes, each of our 5 teams came up with really exciting creative ideas for Digital OOH.  

We’ll leave the final word to the days’ host, Ric Albert, Creative Director Grand Visual:

“All of the concepts presented were really excellent! It was great to have DOOH newbies putting forward some fantastic dynamic digital OOH ideas! The winning concept for me was Just Eat. It was such a beautifully simple creative story of returning holidaymakers as the target audience. Combining it with that moment at the airport, at the baggage carousel and facing returning home to an empty fridge with a Just Eat message. It felt fresh and really demonstrated that they had been able to fully articulate the Audience + Moment = Message for a prospective Just Eat customer.”

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